From Joe Dyke: It is no exaggeration to say that the environment is probably the most important issue in the future of politics and that December may well be the most important month in the history of environmental politics. Next month the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) meet in Copenhagen to discuss what will replace the Kyoto Agreement which runs out in 2012.  This meeting of the world’s leaders is probably the most important conference since Bretton Woods in 1944 and what they decide will have lasting implications for the every human being in the world. Therefore it seems only logical that in the buildup GapsInTheDialogogue should dedicate our first ever theme of the month to the issue of the environment. Jez Byron will be the first to publish next week.

From Jez Byron: Two weeks in December will not solve the problem of climate change, and only a new focus on mobilising popular pressure for mitigation will bring the solutions required. Only when public engagement on the issue is stronger will diplomats feel an overriding need to sign a deal, abandoning some incremental nationalist advantage in order to deliver the long-term gain for present and future generations……[Continue Reading]

From Louis Connor: To be honest I arrive at the subject of the environment with a very vague picture in my own mind as to the correct way to combat negative environmental change……….We have had political targets, scientific targets, economic targets and social targets to respond to climate change, but we are yet to see a holistic approach to combating environmental change which acknowledges its ‘wicked’ nature……[Continue Reading]

From Owen Thomas: Unfortunately politics, and maybe Gaps in the Dialogue, has, perhaps, fallen into the same trap we all attempt to avoid – long, worn-out sentences calling for action. It is indicative of the green agenda and of climate change dialogue that it is easier to talk than to actually find a way through the morass that is international politics and the environmental debate……[Continue Reading]

From Joe Dyke: So we have come to the end of our first Gaps in the Dialogue theme of the month. We were of course discussing the Environment and each of the contributors has looked at a different aspect of the issue……[Continue Reading]


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