From Louis Connor: In recognition of the Chinese New Year, Gaps in the Dialogue turn their focus to China and its ever-growing – and perhaps surpassing – hegemony over the U.S.A in global politics. With relations between the two strained to say the least with the controversy over alleged hacking of human rights activists Google accounts by Chinese state authorities, and the U.S sale to Taiwan of $6.7bn worth of arms – relations between these two super powers are set to define global politics for the foreseeable future. Of particular note will be discussion on the Chinese economy and how far it can capitalise on global economic chaos in the West to become the new financial hub for global commerce.

This month Gaps in the Dialogue will also be welcoming a guest contribution from Ossie Froggatt-Smith who is set to make the first response to this months theme.

From Ossie Froggatt-Smith: This Valentines’ Day the Chinese year of the tiger begins. 2009, year of the ox, saw China rise to the top of the IPO market. Chinese companies going to market sold $50.4 billion worth of shares in 183 deals, 45 percent of global IPO volume compared to the US’ $24 billion from 54 companies. There is no bear in Chinese astrology…….[Continue Reading]

From Owen Thomas: 2010, the Chinese year of the tiger, may be a difficult year for both the literal and metaphorical big cat. While wild tiger numbers have fallen to 3,200, China faces a year of possible difficulties. The fear of rampant inflation, continued conflict over Tibet and other areas of China’s relations with the wider world, and an increase in protectionism could all combine to trip up the Chinese behemoth……. [Continue Reading]

From Louis Connor: Our theme of the month for February – China – has come to an end. Two key points of note should be highlighted following discussions amongst our contributors. Firstly, Ossie Froggatt-Smith pointed out how in 2009, China rose to the top of the IPO market. Chinese companies sold shares in its companies totalling some $50.4 billion in comparison to the $24 billion of shares sold by U.S companies. Ossie also argued that the potential opening…….[Continue Reading]


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