Climate and energy policy may not be the most talked about issue from candidates in the run up to the election; in the current economic climate the focus has been shifted elsewhere in the scramble for crosses on paper, but what might the future hold for environmental issues under a new government? This week we have seen the odds on a Tory government cut considerably, so what would a Tory government offer to those worried about climate policy?



2010, the Chinese year of the tiger, may be a difficult year for both the literal and metaphorical big cat. While wild tiger numbers have fallen to 3,200, China faces a year of possible difficulties. The fear of rampant inflation, continued conflict over Tibet and other areas of China’s relations with the wider world, and an increase in protectionism could all combine to trip up the Chinese behemoth. (more…)

Unfortunately politics, and maybe Gaps in the Dialogue, has, perhaps, fallen into the same trap we all attempt to avoid – long, worn-out sentences calling for action. It is indicative of the green agenda and of climate change dialogue that it is easier to talk than to actually find a way through the morass that is international politics and the environmental debate. (more…)