Social Mobilisation

The opinion polls put Barack Obama as the least popular President in his first year since Eisenhower. Could it be that the corporate buy-out of American political institutions – poison from the interests of the oil industry, private healthcare firms and any other evil lobby that left-wingers could care to blame – has ensured that the sweeping change that Obama promised has been corrupted and prevented? In fact Obama has made a solid start and the best is yet to come.



The EU decides on regulation that affects all citizens and it also has the power to be a force on the world stage. The complete lack of attention paid to what goes on in Brussels is a result of convenience on the part of our national politicians, and timidity and a failure of communication on the part of our media and civil society.


Two weeks in December will not solve the problem of climate change, and only a new focus on mobilising popular pressure for mitigation will bring the solutions required. Only when public engagement on the issue is stronger will diplomats feel an overriding need to sign a deal, abandoning some incremental nationalist advantage in order to deliver the long-term gain for present and future generations. (more…)