General Election 2010

Climate and energy policy may not be the most talked about issue from candidates in the run up to the election; in the current economic climate the focus has been shifted elsewhere in the scramble for crosses on paper, but what might the future hold for environmental issues under a new government? This week we have seen the odds on a Tory government cut considerably, so what would a Tory government offer to those worried about climate policy?



 On Monday Nigel Farage of UKIP came out in favour banning the burka in public across the UK. Gaps in the Dialogue speaks to him about how he justifies this, why its potentially unworkable and why he hates the Archbishop of Canterbury.


This week the government announced that they were to ban the extremist Muslim group Islam4UK following the public outcry over the planned protest at Wootton Bassett. It is clear that most British people find the group’s views offensive: they espouse Sharia law in the UK, the domination of Islam across the globe and are accused of encouraging suicide bombings in the UK.

What is up for debate is whether a ban will be effective – at least twice before Anjem Choudarys party’s have been banned before and, through a variety of semantic tricks, the trained lawyer has been able to reinvent the organisation under new names.

Gaps in the Dialogue speaks to one of Britain’s most hated men about why he feels the ban will make his party stronger, his failure to condemn suicide bombings, and the Iranian revolution. (more…)

If certain events over the next year take place, Gordon Brown could potentially be the last Labour Party Prime Minister in its history. Using this suggestion and the related prospect of the Conservative Party being handed multiple terms in office this piece makes a compelling case for electoral reform. (more…)