Electoral Reform

The EU decides on regulation that affects all citizens and it also has the power to be a force on the world stage. The complete lack of attention paid to what goes on in Brussels is a result of convenience on the part of our national politicians, and timidity and a failure of communication on the part of our media and civil society.



I want to talk about something brought up in Louis’ article last week that while he recognises he fails to draw out – the contradiction between Europe and devolution.


After the Queen’s speech the government has been accused of legislating on things it can’t legislate on and not legislating on things it should have. This debate all seems to be missing something – the limits of law. (more…)

Nick Griffins appearance on Question Time was controlled by mob rule, wherby the tactics of a racist were deployed against a racist – prodding, provoking and inciting that which is different and un-orthodox. The BNP were not tackled as a party fixated on race.  Lets either facilitate proper debate or open up our political sytem to individuals and parties who can.


Parliamentary reform reached the top of the political agenda immediately after the outbreak of the MP’s expenses scandal. However, once our political establishment mused with the idea of reforming our electoral system through the adoption of the Alternative Vote system and the introduction of primaries to elect parliamentary candidates, the issue of parliamentary reform slipped off the agenda once it seemed that the issue was being dealt with. This article addresses the need to re-ignite the initial impetus for parliamentary reform and argues that the gap in the dialogue is the absence of discussion centred on wholesale electoral and parliamentary reform rather than minor adjustments like the ones suggested by our political establishment. (more…)