2010, the Chinese year of the tiger, may be a difficult year for both the literal and metaphorical big cat. While wild tiger numbers have fallen to 3,200, China faces a year of possible difficulties. The fear of rampant inflation, continued conflict over Tibet and other areas of China’s relations with the wider world, and an increase in protectionism could all combine to trip up the Chinese behemoth. (more…)


One year into his Presidency it seems that the jury is already out on Obama. For an individual who was elected as a visionary and under the banner of ‘hope’ only time will tell whether ‘hope’ materialised into real ‘change’. Ignoring the reasons for his election, one year is too short a time to judge anyone’s tenure as an elected President. (more…)

The opinion polls put Barack Obama as the least popular President in his first year since Eisenhower. Could it be that the corporate buy-out of American political institutions – poison from the interests of the oil industry, private healthcare firms and any other evil lobby that left-wingers could care to blame – has ensured that the sweeping change that Obama promised has been corrupted and prevented? In fact Obama has made a solid start and the best is yet to come.


In response to last week’s rather lukewarm assessment of President Obama’s first year accomplishments in foreign policy, I come down far more on the negative side. In comparison with expectations, which were sky-high at his inauguration, the new President has failed in much during a difficult first year. (more…)

So Obama’s first year in charge is drawing to a close. How has he done? In the first of this month’s contributions I shall be looking at his foreign policy, and particularly his policy towards the Middle East. Not averse to a bit of populism, I am going to go for an American-style gradecard.