This week the government announced that they were to ban the extremist Muslim group Islam4UK following the public outcry over the planned protest at Wootton Bassett. It is clear that most British people find the group’s views offensive: they espouse Sharia law in the UK, the domination of Islam across the globe and are accused of encouraging suicide bombings in the UK.

What is up for debate is whether a ban will be effective – at least twice before Anjem Choudarys party’s have been banned before and, through a variety of semantic tricks, the trained lawyer has been able to reinvent the organisation under new names.

Gaps in the Dialogue speaks to one of Britain’s most hated men about why he feels the ban will make his party stronger, his failure to condemn suicide bombings, and the Iranian revolution.

Q: Islam4UK is to be banned following the threats of a march in Wootton Bassett. Do you regret calling and then cancelling the march?

A: No, not at all. We raised awareness about the plight of the thousands of innocent men, women and children who have been slaughtered in Afghanistan by the US-led alliance and of which Britain is a part. We believe that the people in Britain are blissfully unaware of the true costs of the war. They have been lied to by the Brown regime just as Tony Blair before told them that they were in danger from weapons of mass destruction and this has proven to be a lie. Gordon Brown wants to tell the British public that their security begins in Kabul, that if British, are not in Kabul that they will be targeted here in Britain and again this is a lie. Ultimately the presence of US and British troops in Afghanistan is a cause of instability in the region and of course the cause of untold amounts of deaths and destruction. But it is also the cause of insecurity back home in Britain. I believe that the idea of the procession back home in Wootton Bassett was successful in highlighting many of these points and many people would have appreciated the fact that we highlighted those issues.

Q: But previously you had been allowed to protest and now these are going to be curtailed on the back of the idea of the march…

A: Ultimately you cannot ban every single platform and every single party and every single organisation that I am a part of. If that’s the case then I would think about joining the British government, maybe then can be banned as well. I will continue to propagate Islam, I am a committed Muslim, we don’t need to have a platform, we don’t need to have a name. I will continue to court Islam, I will continue to invite people to the Sharia, I will continue to raise my voice about the injustices the British government are committing both overseas and domestically. That work will never stop, it is a duty upon me as a Muslim just as I will continue to pray and fast, these things cannot be stopped. The amount of support we have received from the Muslim community post the ban, and even from the non-Muslim community, is something that we never even imagined. We have become so much more popular than we were before.

Q: Can you describe your conversion from being a medical student in Southampton where, according to reports, you drank and were very loose with religion, to radical Islam?

 A: Firstly, there is no distinction between one type of Islam and another type of Islam, this is a division which has been invented in the media and by the government to marginalise some people. You are either a practicing Muslim or you are not a practicing Muslim, there is no such thing as a radical Muslim or an extremist Muslim or a moderate Muslim. The second thing is I do believe that God is the one who guides therefore he guided me from my situation before when I was practicing to my situation when I became practicing. You need to judge people on what they are now, not on what they were 25 years ago.

Q So you would say you were not a Muslim before?

 A: I was a Muslim before but my guidance is in the hands of God and when I was not practicing, that is something which ultimately is my fault. I was guided by God and you don’t want to believe everything you read in the media.

Q: Will you condemn 9/11 and 7/7?

A: I will condemn the American and British government and their occupation of Muslim land, I will condemn the media for lying about Muslim, I will condemn those chocolate Muslims who melt in any form for the British government and I will condemn those people who are in silence, because silence ultimately is corrupt.

Q: So you won’t condemn 9/11 and 7/7?

A: I have already said to you what I will condemn. You asked me what I will condemn, and I have said.

 Q: So specifically you won’t condemn them?

 A: I won’t repeat my answer but you’ve got in on tape.

Q: Ok lets move on. Which is a higher priority, the end of British and American involvement in Afghanistan or the introduction of Sharia law in the UK?

A: I think they both go hand in hand. Ultimately our objective is the domination of Islam worldwide. We do believe that that will begin by the Sharia being established somewhere in the world, whether that be in Afghanistan or Iraq or Britain Allah only knows, but once its been established it will have a foreign policy or annexing other land to it until one day, as the prophet promised, the authority of the Muslims will be over the whole of the world.

Q: Do you really believe that in the Middle East Muslims would unite in the event of an American withdrawal from the region? There has been masses of inter-sectarian violence in the Middle East that has little to do with America

A: There are two types of obstacles to the unity of Muslims. One type is the physical obstacles of the regime which is in power at the moment, these need to be removed. There are also the intellectual obstacles, many people adopt the false ideas of liberalism and secularism as opposed to Islam. So I think that on the one hand we need to create an intellectual revolution on the ground but at the same time we need to tell the people that they have a responsibility to remove these forces and corrupted regimes. There is a revival taking place and we are heading towards, god willing, re-establishing Islamic domination.

Q: What, for example, is your position on the Iranian revolution?

A: I don’t believe that the Iranian revolution had anything at all to do with Islam. It had a lot to do with the shift of interests between the British and the Americans and ultimately the new Ayatollah’s regime were more American than the Shah who was more pro-British. We haven’t been in a position where the Sharia has been implemented for over 85 years.

Q: So are you saying that the Ayatollah Khomeini was an American plant?

A: Regardless of what we see directly as his actions, suddenly he is looking after the interests of the Americans in the region

Q: You claim benefits from the state. How is this justified?

A: If we were living under the Sharia everyone would have the basic right food and shelter as a matter of divine right but the mere fact that your basics are being provided by a state doesn’t mean that you cannot rise against justice and oppression.

Q: Where does Islam4UK attract support from?

 A: We attract support from all sections of society. The majority of the people will be from the youth, from 15 to about 25, they are the people always on the frontline of any struggle. Most of our membership is from that kind of spectrum.

Q: In terms of funding?

A: We don’t talk about that

Q: Do you accept that you put other Muslims in the UK in danger through your actions?

 A: That’s a nonsense. The British government is organising a whole raft of draconian measures which is faced by the Muslim community, in terms of stop and search, raids, demonising, vilification. The media, whipping the masses into an anti-Muslim frenzy, they are putting the Muslims in danger. Not organisations like ours who are raising awareness and forbidding the oppression of man-made law.

Q: What will you do next?

A: I can’t stop being a Muslim, I can’t stop praying, I can’t stop fasting, I can’t stop commanding good and forbidding evil, I can’t stop calling for the Sharia. I will continue to do what I need to do but how I will do it you will have to wait and see.